ecological showcase project

DIE GARTEN TULLN is Europe's first exclusively ecologically maintained and designed garden show.

A blue and yellow archway that serves as the entrance to DIE GARTEN TULLN. It reads: "Herzlich Willkommen in der ersten ökologischen Gartenschau Europas" ("Welcome to the first ecological garden show in Europe"), flowers bloom behind the archway.

The joint location with the environmental movement “Natur im Garten” is the basis for a comprehensive gardening competence center. Those interested in gardening from all over the world will receive practical suggestions, ideas and inspiration from the 70 model show gardens on how they can design their own garden, balcony or terrace as an ecological oasis of well-being. Since it opened in 2008 DIE GARTEN TULLN has attracted over 3 million garden fans.

We set standards in the green industry by strictly observing the “Natur im Garten” criteria and avoiding chemical-synthetic pesticides and fertilizers as well as peat. Planting appropriate to the location and natural fertilization with compost promote biodiversity and create a sustainable balance in nature.