Seson 2021

We are open daily until 26 of october.


Please note that dogs are not permitted in areas of TULLN GARDEN for which admission is charged. Guide dogs, service dogs, and hearing dogs are exempt. There are plenty of places to walk them in the surrounding riverside area.

Wheelchairs & pushchairs

The entire TULLN GARDEN grounds, including the treetop trail, are wheelchair- and pushchair-accessible. Wheelchairs can be borrowed free of charge against a deposit at the TULLN GARDEN till point.

Electrical charging station

Those arriving by electric car have the opportunity to charge the car at a Tulln Energie charging station in car park P1 at TULLN GARDEN. There are two sockets with an output of 2 kW each.

All you need to do before operating it is scan the "QR code" on the charging station with your smartphone. You will then be directed to the registration page. A one-time registration is required so that the charging station can "recognise" the customer in the future.

You will then need to specify the charging time. Payment is then made via PayPal or credit card. After the specified charging time has elapsed, the power supply will be cut off.

Charging cost: €2.50 per hour

Storms & strong winds

It is officially required to close the treetop trail, the children's playground, and the wooded island for safety reasons when wind speeds reach 60 km/h or higher.

Furthermore it is officially required to close the entire site for safety reasons when wind speeds reach 80 km/h or higher.

In the event of an upcoming thunderstorm, it is required to close the treetop trail for safety reasons (risk of lightning strike).

Bikes & scooters

Bicycles and scooters are unfortunately not permitted in the areas for which admission is charged. Bike stands are available in front of the entrance area.