Fun and games

at the largest adventure and nature playground in Lower Austria

Two children in front of the slide on the adventure and nature playground, yellow daffodils blooming in front of them

Playing, running and romping around

The largest adventure and nature playground in Lower Austria offers plenty of space and stimulation for imaginative and creative fun outdoors. The accessible design of some equipment means there are also fun opportunities for children with disabilities to play as well.

Children can climb and slide for hours on giant shipwrecks, in tree houses, or on the backs of blue whales. They can embark on a playful adventure on the seven-meter high rope pyramid, the Viking swing, and the shipwreck, as well as a variety of water obstacles, swings, and climbing frames at DIE GARTEN TULLN.

Next to the adventure playground is the natural playground, with hills, hollows, and a thicket. Wilderness trails lead to hidden corners in the undergrowth. Balance logs, willow bridges, slippery slopes, and ramparts to clamber up will put kids' skill and endurance to the test.

The new motor skills park serves as a link between the adventure and nature playground and the "Natur im Garten" show school garden. A series of climbing and balancing elements offer additional play and activity opportunities in the midst of nature.