DIE GARTEN TULLN - the wonderful world of "Natur im Garten", Europe's first ecological garden show, features over 70 different show gardens and numerous attractions. Here, visitors will experience a completely different kind of garden and a workshop of ideas!


DIE GARTEN TULLN - the world of “Natur im Garten” - has developed into a unique showcase project in Europe since it opened in 2008. It has already attracted over 3 million garden enthusiasts from all over the world. The consistent ecological care of the show gardens has become a model for many garden shows in Austria and abroad.

The gardeners strictly adhere to the “Natur im Garten” principles throughout the grounds: no synthetic chemical pesticides, no synthetic chemical fertilizers, and no peat.

Planting a varied range of species appropriate to the location, fertilizing the natural way with compost, promoting beneficial organisms, and using organic plant strengtheners are all important steps to creating a stable and healthy ecosystem in the garden.

DIE GARTEN TULLN was designed as a permanent facility, not a short-term major event. Both the changing of the seasons and the growth over the years thus become an incomparable natural spectacle for visitors.

DIE GARTEN TULLN is not only an ecological model company, it also sets standards in the care and support of its visitors, who are the focus of all considerations. It's not just “gardeners” are matter here, but also children, families, and people with special needs.

Regional collaborations and numerous partnerships in the green sector are also important. Many of these are represented at the garden show with their own gardens. Nestled in the floodplain landscape along the Danube, and yet close to Tulln city centre, the grounds are woven into an enchantingly natural backdrop of seas of flowers, grass islands, ponds, and footpaths. The variety of ecological gardening can be seen in 70 show gardens.

DIE GARTEN TULLN is also an event and conference venue, as well as a place to celebrate with numerous options, from meeting rooms with views of the garden and wetlands to the event hall. The facilities are complemented by a restaurant and additional catering options in the gardens.

Botanical Garden

DIE GARTEN TULLN is a member of the Austrian Botanical Gardens Association. Its tasks also include building and maintaining plant collections, preserving rare plants, and research and teaching.

Environmental management

DIE GARTEN TULLN is EMAS-certified. EMAS stands for "Eco-Management and Audit Scheme" and is a voluntary instrument of the European Union to support the continuous improvement of environmental performance.

A current environmental statement is drawn up annually for this purpose. We are always striving to improve our environmental management. Send us your suggestions and ideas by email to karin.cech@diegartentulln.at.